services and treatments

Family Concessions
We offer concessions for both consultations and treatment to patients who have another family member who we have provided treatment for.

Early Assesment
Dr Cameron recommends an orthodontic assessment from the age of 7 and onwards for all children.

Growth and Development Observation - no out of pocket expenses
As many children are not ready to start treatment when they attend for their initial consultation, and Dr Cameron believes in timing treatment to ensure the best outcome is achieved, we offer regular 'recall review' appointments for our patients who are not yet ready to commence treatment, at no out of pocket expense.

Growth Modification Therapy
Not all orthodontic problems require 'braces'. Some issues may only require wearing plates or other appliances for a shorter period of time. At Cameron Orthodontics we are happy to be able to provide such treatments.

Comprehensive Orthodontic Alignment
For cases that do require 'braces' we are also glad to offer this service and there are several different options.

Clear Braces
At Cameron orthodontics we offer ceramic or 'tooth' coloured braces for patients who would like straight teeth but are not comfortable with wearing traditional metal braces.

Adult Treatment
You are never too old for straight teeth! We have many adult patients in treatment who for reasons such as putting their children's braces treatment first, or thinking they are too old for braces, currently under treatment and are happy with the results.

We offer Invisalign to patients to straighten teeth, which are a series of plastic aligners which are barely visable, for those patients who do not wish to wear braces but would like straight teeth.